Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Business...WHAT IS IT TO YOU?

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. What is it to you?

7952 participates in both via our online Boutique. I do think this is a great way to help promote your business and possibly gain customers. I remember when I first heard about Small Business Saturday last year. I thought it was a good idea. I understand the notion of helping small businesses; however, being a small business owner myself I don't understand why many think we should have to discount our products or services to gain a customer base. Do you think discounting is part of the reason some small businesses are struggling? Giving away too many products for free? Polling a few people I did find that if your business is not giving a percentage off in some form they aren't interested in viewing your products or services.

Small Businesses must set a standard and be consistent. If discounting hasn't worked it's time to reevaluate and make the necessary changes to move forward. Make it your business to make Everyday Small Business Day for your company. Promote your business and stay connected.

I guess I'm on a different level. Being a customer of many other businesses I'm more concerned with quality and customer service than getting discounts. If discounts are offered that's just an added bonus. What do you think?

Designing with you soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Magnetic Bead Bracelet!!!!

Check out our Preview, let us know what you think.

Designing with you soon!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Is copying the new original?

Kinko's isn't the only place shelling out copies. We all know there isn't anything new under the sun (even though we all want to think otherwise). Tipping into the world of fashion I've noticed many claiming to be "the first". I will say however, I was the first and only to create the EMERGENCY BROADCAST earrings. So Back up.

It doesn't matter where you obtain your copies. A copy is a copy. If you get them from someone you know, someone you don't know, or from celebrity designers. (hold on I just fell in the shade). We all draw inspiration from many different sources. I get that. Just make sure that's all you draw.

Whatever you do make it your own. Don't put Kinko's out of business.

Remember imitation is not flattering. It's LAZY AND ANNOYING. Now Copy That.

Designing with you soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Thanks to Everyone that came out to support THE Fashion Mixer!

We hope you all enjoyed the experience! 
Here are a few pictures from the mixer if you missed it!

Luxe Couture Shoes!
Fashionable heels and comfortable flats, you can't go wrong
with LUXE!
A Classy Closet Boutique!
Classy accessories, dresses, handbags and more.

 Stop by A Classy Closet

2805 Crescent Avenue, Suite B
Homewood, AL 35209

Monday - Thursday: By Appointment Only
Friday         5 PM - 9 PM
Saturday    10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday      1 PM - 5 PM

Mayflower Crochet!
A customer making an order for her slippers! I purchased
a pair. I absolutely love them.
Email for orders: Mayflower

 Heavenly Scents!
I don't think there was a single person that came through
the door didn't stop by Heavenly Scents! Her products
are ALL NATURAL which we love.
I purchased a bar of unscented shea butter soap. I must say I was very
pleased with the results after the first use. Having very sensitive skin coupled 
with allergies and eczema Heavenly Scents worked wonders!
I wish I would have taken a before and after picture of the results. 
No worries I'll have an update with pictures soon!

For more information and orders: Heavenly Scents

7952 The DbT Collection!
Fashion Mixer attendees checking out handmade designs!
The T-Necklaces and the collegiate earrings were a big hit!
 You can view more products and purchase from

Mary Kay!
Everyone Loves Mary Kay!

Bows by Stephanie! 

Hasty Pastry!
Delicious pastries! 

Cute clothing and accessories for the little
Princess in your life.
For more information and orders: Clothes-n-Stuff

THE Fashion Mixer participants enjoyed Live Music and
door prizes from each vendor! It was great seeing the
faces of winners of each prize.

We had a great day Networking and shopping.
Hope to see you at the next MIXER!

Stay tune for updates on our next event and location.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maybe it's you...I KNOW IT IS.

I'm not the one to only preach on supporting African American businesses. I believe in supporting any business with great products and services that fulfills my need. I must address yet again the unprofessional behavior of the African America businesses I've encountered.

Dear AA Business owners,

Stop complaining about being supported by others when your products and services are less than stellar. Stop believing other businesses and or consumers are "hating" on your business. Realize many individuals have certain things they prefer. You should know and accept the difference between preference and so called hate. Understand and accept you won't get everything right every time. Be honest with yourself and your customers/clients. Whether you believe it or not, putting your ego and pride aside, clients are willing to continue doing business with you if you acknowledge your mishaps. Letting them go as if they never existed will definitely do more harm.

If a client emails you for any reason it's best business practice to ALWAYS respond. I recently emailed two businesses to make them aware of my observations and their unprofessional way of handling business. Only one has responded. (not to mention, I waited a month after the incident to see if they would acknowledge anything) It was refreshing to see them accept responsibility. Still to date the other company has not yet replied. Are they embarrassed? is it ego? pride? or maybe they just don't care?

I said that to say. I'd rather not hear or read post about why people aren't supporting you when you aren't doing your part to make sure you are worthy of support.


-I don't beat around the bush, I have allergies -Design Chemist

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's NEW at 7952?!

T-Necklaces!!!!! We've designed a few for you to preview. Fall is approaching and we have a stylish alternative to your normal scarf. If you're daring and rebellious with style like can wear the T-Necklace all year!

Purchase your T-Necklace from our online boutique Monday! Custom orders available too!

Designing with you soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

THE Fashion Mixer!!!! Pre-Fall Edition

Designers, boutique owners we'd love to have you as a vendor 
at THE Fashion Mixer!!!

Kids clothing, male and female fashion, health and beauty industry, shoe
designers and more.

If you're interested click and share the link below for more details.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well Hello There!!!!!!

We're still designing and sharing our creations! 
We've updated our site added new products and would love for you to let us know what you think!

Style, Passion, Creativity!

Arm Candy Coming Soon!
Designing with you soon,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New site New blog location!

Thank You ALL for visiting our blog. 

We have a new website and will be posting blogs from there.    
      Visit our site --->


and click on ---> 
for New and previous blog post!

See you there!

Designing with you soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What do these words mean...Continued.

So my previous post. I asked what a few words meant.
These are words you would normally find on 
an invitation.

I see a few people responded on our facebook
and twitter page.

I would love for people to READ! Before they send inquiries
about things that are clearly stated on any document.

I've received inquiries about the invitation for the Spring Fashion Mixer.
One question asked. Is the event FREE?! The invitation states this event is
complimentary. (Which
means free). Another question received, what will be at the event?
The invitation also states, there will be shopping, live music, food,
kid friendly environment, networking...also listed were names
of companies that will be in attendance.

I mentioned this to say. DON'T BE A SLOPPY READER.

Designing with you Soon,
Design Chemist

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do these words mean to you?

I see why companies have customer service departments!
You must have individuals in place that have the skills to deal
with "customer service" issues.

Please tell me what the following words mean to you:
2. Kid Friendly Environment
3. You're Invited, bring Friends
After your replies I'll finish this post.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Fashion Mixer!!!!

7952 Designs by Traci partnered with
A Classy Closet Boutique
to bring you the 

For more details and to RSVP please click the link below!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taylor-Nicole Preview

So by now you all know I'm obsessed with the newest addition to our family. Taylor-Nicole!
What better way to honor her arrival as we upgrade our Kids Collection?!
Taylor-Nicole Earrings & Bows will launch March 24th, 2012!
We will periodically post previews leading up to the launch!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twitter WARS

Twitter wars via our business page. 

I understand some are hesitant to share certain information about their business on twitter. My experience has been up and down as it relates to this issue. I don't mind sharing information with others. I do however, mind when I share my creations, names and previews that others steal and try to pass it off as their own. For instance many have sneak peeks of their products so I decided to have previews. Now I'm seeing more of my followers having them as well. Let's not talk about the 2 recent young ladies naming their company EAR-REPLACEABLE!!!! I've received multiple inbox messages about my designs only to find later they were collecting information to COPY.  Is this also the reason most don't interact via business pages? Because most are too busy twatching?  For these reasons I see now why many lock their accounts and aren't as willing to share information.

What has been your experience?

Imitation is not a sincere form of flattery. IT'S ANNOYING, LAZY AND TACKY.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We've been working on our new website and new accessories. Here's a preview of what's next!!!! You can still view and purchase our 7952 designs from our current site!

Designing with you soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's A Process

Many think our Shape it up Earrings come as is. No!!!! There's a process.
The images below will give you an idea of what takes place during the creative process.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Designers or WHAT?

I've come across a few earrings non-re-designs *I made that word up* that I would like to talk about.
The dollar store earrings that you take home and had 2 chains and call it Designs by Foo Foo...PLEASE STOP IT.

Then we have the gold hoop Beauty Supply Store earrings. I actually saw someone selling a few pair that they painted and others they dipped in glitter. Below are what I called the Beauty Supply Earrings before the non-re-design takes place.

Are we calling these people designers or what?! Please let me know. There's a line I have to draw between designing, being creative, and just plain Tacky.

Your thoughts please.

Designing with you Soon,
Design Chemist

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We off that...Never been on that.

If  you follow us on twitter ( or facebook ( you know we get questions about Feather earrings and the so called "basketball wives earrings". I've never addressed it here so I decided to do so today since I received another request.

Straight to the point: Feather earrings...We off that. Basketball wives earrings...Never been on that.

For all of your other accessory needs visit our website!!!

Designing with you Soon,
Design Chemist

Monday, January 2, 2012

Make it HAPPEN

Hello All!

2012 is Officially here! We're very grateful for what has transpired so far. Thanks to you our wonderful supporters. What a Journey!

We understand its a New Year and everyone's making resolutions. Well, we here at 7952 don't participate in New Year's resolutions. We LIVE LIFE DAILY. We set realistic daily goals and we MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Try it.

Designing with you soon,
Design Chemist