Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What do these words mean...Continued.

So my previous post. I asked what a few words meant.
These are words you would normally find on 
an invitation.

I see a few people responded on our facebook
and twitter page.

I would love for people to READ! Before they send inquiries
about things that are clearly stated on any document.

I've received inquiries about the invitation for the Spring Fashion Mixer.
One question asked. Is the event FREE?! The invitation states this event is
complimentary. (Which
means free). Another question received, what will be at the event?
The invitation also states, there will be shopping, live music, food,
kid friendly environment, networking...also listed were names
of companies that will be in attendance.

I mentioned this to say. DON'T BE A SLOPPY READER.

Designing with you Soon,
Design Chemist

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