Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twitter WARS

Twitter wars via our business page. 

I understand some are hesitant to share certain information about their business on twitter. My experience has been up and down as it relates to this issue. I don't mind sharing information with others. I do however, mind when I share my creations, names and previews that others steal and try to pass it off as their own. For instance many have sneak peeks of their products so I decided to have previews. Now I'm seeing more of my followers having them as well. Let's not talk about the 2 recent young ladies naming their company EAR-REPLACEABLE!!!! I've received multiple inbox messages about my designs only to find later they were collecting information to COPY.  Is this also the reason most don't interact via business pages? Because most are too busy twatching?  For these reasons I see now why many lock their accounts and aren't as willing to share information.

What has been your experience?

Imitation is not a sincere form of flattery. IT'S ANNOYING, LAZY AND TACKY.

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