Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joe Dues Clothiers Interview

I don't know a woman alive that does not Love Love Love a well dressed business man. Uuuuum. A man after my own heart.  Checkout part of our interview below.

DbT: How did you come up the concept of designing bowties?

Joe Dues: I kind of stumbled on the whole bow tie thing. I always saw myself being some big time executive. I would wear ties any chance I could. I would always see one of my friends at church wearing bow ties and one day after church I asked him to show me how to tie one. He showed me I liked the look on me and started wearing them. It was later that the idea of a line would evolve from a urban brand to a gentleman's brand. In the branding process I wanted to produce something that would set the brand on solid foundation so the masses couldn't say I was urban which a lot of time means trendy. I want to be around and pass the brand down for generations. So starting with bow ties made all the sense in the world plus I love wearing them.

DbT: Where did the name JOE DUES CLOTHIERS originate?

Joe Dues: Myself and friends were sitting around talking about "paying your dues" and with our southern vernacular it was coming out "joedues" instead of "your dues". For example you haven't even paid joe dues. I wanted to name the brand something I felt was southern. I slowed that it down and separated the words. "Joe" would represent the first name and "Dues" the last name. It was later that clothiers was added to add credibility to the brand and further provide a road map to continue to evolve into other pieces.

DbT: What is JOE DUES purpose?

Joe Dues:The purpose is to create a brand that has substance that enhances a gentleman's lifestyle. I want to encourage men to challenge themselves to achieve. I don't think there is nothing better than being a gentleman. That doesn't mean being weak but having a standard. We all have something to offer society to make the world a better place. So I'm challenging the guys if you're going to rock with us we want you to add value not subtract.

DbT: Is there anything that you would tell someone that was apprehensive about pursing their dream.
Joe Dues:Yea, what do you stand to lose and what do you stand to gain? Be real with yourself, put the plan together and get to it. Once you start putting energy behind it it will gain momentum then it's on you to not lose it. Be very creative and see what happens. Don't listen to the haters!!

DbT: If you could have anyone in the world as a spokes model for JOE DUES, who would that be?

Joe Dues: That's a tough question. Maybe Camp Lo other than that I wouldn't want anyone that was famous. I know that sounds crazy but I want to help launch someone's career by giving them the opportunity to represent the brand. We're actually looking for the male and female face currently. The brand is fresh and the movement is fresh so I want to keep it that way. Kalimba Edwards the current model just sort of happened. Thanks Kalimba! Google him! He was a God send! I just thought about it maybe Maxwell. Everybody keeps saying Mr. Bentley and I'm like for real? Who would you say I'm up for suggestions....

DbT: I recommend Brandon Lamar the model. Birmingham Native in NYC pursuing his dreams. More on Brandon Lamar soon.

DbT: Are you single, if so if you could take one woman on a date who would that be?

Joe Dues: I am single...I would have to say ummmmmmmmm Keri Hilson...I like long legs. Amerie got a nice set of legs too. Next question!!!

DbT: You seem to be in a good space how does that feel to be on the cusp of your brand taking off?

Joe Dues: It feels like this is where I should be. I've been working on this brand for ten years. It's my time!

You've Heard it from the Man himself Jarvis Robertson.

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