Friday, August 7, 2009

Jeremiah Thomas Jewelry

Ok. Sooo many celebrity women "Moms" are wearing cute charms representing significant times in there life. Whether it's their anniversary or the birth of their chidren. You name it, and I'm sure a mother has a date for it. I know you all love to wear what the celebs are wearing, so why not have your very own pendant with a price you can afford. Let's just keep it real...I know, that's why I've done my homework and found the perfect charm for you!

No Hun, it's not a knock off. It's the real deal. Jeremiah Thomas Jewelry The Your Occasions Pendant is all you need. They even have Dog Tags for you Army Wives out there and more!

Tonya the creator of all things charmed, is a mother, so you know what she was thinking when she created this. I mean come on...she named it after her son Jeremiah Thomas. Gotta love it!
Follow the link below to design yours today!

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