Saturday, July 31, 2010

Accessory FLASH!

Bangle Maniacs PLEAS STOP!
I know Bangles are in and it's cool to wear
20 at one time, but 
GOT BANG, 30 is just wrong. 
Translation not CUTE!

I really need to understand, Yes "UNDERSTAND"
that there's an arm under there.
That is all. As you were.

Designing with you soon!
Design Chemist

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes there's just NOT a story!

My creative mind. Boy I tell ya!
I really don't have a story for these. 
Just LOVE them like I do! 
That is all. :-)
Ribbon in your EAR!

Designing with you soon,
Design Chemist

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flea Thrift Something...

Today I went to a place I never thought I could. The "Flea" Market, "Thrift" Store. 
My cousin LaTara swears by this place. I must say she always seem to find 
some fly ish on every visit.

For some reason I could never bring myself to go inside of a place called FLEA anything.
Every time I came close, I would start to itch. Crazy but true. But today I put on
some flea powder and jumped on in.

And here are the Accessories I found!

Puma Handbag for 99cent!
 I'm so loving it!

And a pair of Liz Claiborne Sunglasses 99cent
Great since my Donna Karan shades were broken by 
*clears throat* my Mommy.
If you don't see a post tomorrow you know my
Mommy read this, drove to ATL and toke me out
  for putting her on blast.

Designing with you soon!
Design Chemist

We all love a great DEAL!

By now you all know I frequent the Craft Stores. No matter what state I'm in I must crash a craft store. And what great pleasure I receive when I see a sign like this! So get on over to Hobby Lobby for 50% off on some of your favorite items. Don't worry I've checked there's 50% off at a store near you.

Designing with you soon.

Designs by Traci
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Craft Store Adventures

I've been searching for a mirror with a wood frame for months.
Well today I found one, at Hobby Lobby!

I'm not crazy about flowers but this mirror is perfect.
Yes, that's me in the mirror taking a picture.
Looks silly now, I know. 
I  started to add black accents, but it didn't look right.
Can you believe I was contemplating painting
this "flower" Black?!
I stumbled across these cute little hand mirrors.
Too cute! I didn't purchase them though, but
I'm 100% sure I will on my next trip. Dang what was I thinking, or not!
How cute will these be if I placed pictures of 
Designs by Traci Customers in them, wearing
their Ear-replaceable Accessories?!

Designing with you soon!

Designs by Traci Vending at Mt. Laurel

Everyone Knows how we love sharing our designs with others, so every 1st and 3rd Saturday until October we will be traveling from Atlanta, Ga to Mt. Laurel in Alabama!

Their Fresh Market is a great place to pickup Fresh Fruits, Flowers, Handmade Crafts and More!

Custom Designs can be made to order while you wait!
Jeremiah Thomas Jewelry
Great Lil' Charms for the whole family! Purchase Yours today click here
Great fashion Accessories made using Magazines & Decoupage!
What a Creative idea! These earrings were made from old RECORDS!
Hair Bows and Funky Flip flops were a big hit with the kids.
Fresh Flowers are a must! You can not leave the Market without your "BUNCH"!
Thirty-One Gifts has Monogram Accessories!
Totes, greeting cards and more!
Yes, the Market is Pet Friendly!
What a great way for the whole family to start the day! 
 Mt. Laurel 8am-12noon! 
See you there!