Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Craft Store Adventures

I've been searching for a mirror with a wood frame for months.
Well today I found one, at Hobby Lobby!

I'm not crazy about flowers but this mirror is perfect.
Yes, that's me in the mirror taking a picture.
Looks silly now, I know. 
I  started to add black accents, but it didn't look right.
Can you believe I was contemplating painting
this "flower" Black?!
I stumbled across these cute little hand mirrors.
Too cute! I didn't purchase them though, but
I'm 100% sure I will on my next trip. Dang what was I thinking, or not!
How cute will these be if I placed pictures of 
Designs by Traci Customers in them, wearing
their Ear-replaceable Accessories?!

Designing with you soon!

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