Monday, September 21, 2009


The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on yesterday. The big winners of the night were “30 Rock” and “Mad Men”, taking home the awards for best Comedy Series and best Drama Series, respectively.
As any other award show, the most important aren’t exactly the awards but what the celebs wore on the red carpet. For now anyway.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian hit the red carpet Looking  FAB as usual with Kourt's plus one!
Phoebe Price...WTF! We don't want to know who you're wearing.
We'd like to know. Why you're wearing it? I'm just saying...This is a
hot fool, wild hair,wing sleeve MESS!
Now I LOOOVE the President more than the next person but,
NO WE CAN' this on the Red Carpet!
This is PrimeTime not DayTime

Ok Christina Applegate, we Love you, but not the dress. Who's your stylist? You're too
hot for this get up.

Chandra Wilson the "Nazi" Looked stunning if I must say so myself.

Every year Drew, we can always count on you to disappoint...
I guess she had an "Legally Blonde Moment"

Heidi Klum looking far apart are the contractions!
Very BOLD, and we loved every moment.

It's September but, January Jones was a big hit on the Red Carpet!

Kate Walsh, hmmm do you think she needs more "Practice?"
Jennifer Love Hewitt

I won't say a thing. However, I'm SMH...
Blake Lively brought a little spunk to the
Red was needed!

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